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We celebrate comedy by honoring iconic comedians, actors, writers, directors and producers through live events at Museum of the Moving Image and film programming.

Our series “Iconic Characters” examines how comedy in the mass medium of television became a catalyst for social change. Our upcoming series “The Comedian Filmmaker” speaks with filmmakers who define the art of comedic cinema, and help to expand the vernacular of both comedy and film.

Additional programming includes “Joan Rivers: Exit Laughing”, our first documentary honoring one of the grandmasters of modern comedy.

  • Joan Rivers: Exit Laughing

    The Comedy Hall of Fame's first documentary celebrates the impact and legacy of Joan Rivers, one of history's most defining comedians, as told by three generations of her peers.

  • The Comedian Filmmaker - Jerry Lewis

    In the first installment of "The Comedian Filmmaker" series, Jerry Lewis sits in conversation with Martin Scorsese at Museum of the Moving Image to discuss his insights and experience in filmmaking. This event includes discussion of his films, including "The Bell Boy," "The Ladies Man," "The Errand Boy," and "The Nutty Professor," as well as his brilliant book "The Total Filmmaker."

  • "The Architect" - Norman Lear

    The latest installment in the "Iconic Characters" series, "The Architect" celebrates and examines the work of Norman Lear. Moderated by Al Roker and Bill Carter, the conversation centers on "All in the Family", "Maude," and "The Jeffersons," and the impact they have had on the American Culture.

  • "The Rationalist" - Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in MASH

    "The Rationalist" is the inaugural event in the "Iconic Characters" series. Jeff Greenfield leads the conversation as we examine and celebrate Alan Alda's work as Hawkeye Pierce, television's first anti-establishment character on "M.A.S.H."