Preserve, Educate, Celebrate


The Comedy Hall of Fame

Comedy is one of mankind’s greatest achievements; the ability to laugh at ourselves is a unique part of our humanity. Comedy causes us to pause and reflect on our lives: it helps us to identify our beliefs, comfort our fears and forget our troubles. Comedy is a vehicle for conveying a plethora of human communications and is an engine for social change.

The founding principle and primary mission of The Comedy Hall of Fame is to elevate comedy to its proper place among the literate arts. The Comedy Hall of Fame has created a platform where the legacies of the Grand Masters of comedy can be adequately memorialized. Through the Archives, symposium, educational initiatives, programming, performance and annual inductions we examine and celebrate the artists’ humor to provide insights, perspectives, and advice for aspiring performers, students and fans of comedy.

The Foundation

The Comedy Hall of Fame Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is the charitable arm of the Comedy Hall of Fame. The Foundation was established to implement educational programs that raise awareness of comedy’s power to communicate, in schools, museums and on public television.